Rahwa trains and employs women in rural communities as Maternal Health Agents who support women throughout the pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal periods. 

Rahwa has trained and employed Maternal Health Agents (MHAs), or Aleyti Adetat, in ten communities in southern Eritrea with a catchment area of 10,000 people. The communities are Asetah, Berakit Nishto, Daber, Enghela, Imbeyto, Mai Aha, Tekelabi, Tewro, Unafero, and Zeare.

MHAs provide critical services including accompanying women and children to the local hospital, identifying signs of risky pregnancy and malnutrition in children, using rapid diagnostic tests to diagnose malaria among pregnant women, among other services. Yordanos Gereghizier describes some of her experiences working as a Maternal Health Agent below. 

For us, the training and support we have received is a blessing. The work we do is fruitful. We have been able to help children and mothers to improve their health. Through Rahwa, mothers have been able to give birth here in the hospital and to have their children fed. We pray that this work will continue.
— Birikiti, Maternal Health Agent from Unafero