- Rahwa for Every Mother and Child  -

Rahwa means "freedom from hardship" in Tigrinya, a language spoken in Eritrea. 


Currently, 4 in 100 women in ERItrea die DUe To reproductive complications.

 Two-thirds of Eritreans live in rural areas and 73% of women give birth at home, where they lack access to emergency care in the case of obstetric complications. As a result, families face high risks of maternal and child mortality.


Rahwa addresses key barriers to quality maternal and CHILD healthcare:

  • Healthcare worker shortages

  • Financial barriers to childbirth and postpartum care (hospital fees, transportation costs, etc.)

  • Lack of trust-based communication between families, home birth attendants, and clinical staff 

With your help, we hope to achieve Rahwa by improving access to quality care for mothers and children in rural Eritrea.